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Tech Specs


BookSnap software enables hi-speed and hi-quality results. The bundled apps are BookSnap software for scanning and BookDrive Editor for image processing

BookSnap Software
BookSnap provides an intuitive interface to the digital cameras connected to your computer, enabling you to change camera settings from within the software.

Smart features include single or dual camera selection (in dual camera mode both left and right pages are captured simultaneously to produce two separate images) and a time-lapse auto-scan mode that triggers the camera(s) to shoot at pre-defined intervals.

BookSnap works seamlessly with a wide range of cameras from Canon (see below).


Supported cameras
Canon Powershot G10
Canon Powershot G9
Canon Powershot G7
Canon Powershot A620
Canon Powershot A640
Canon Powershot S80
Canon Powershot S3 IS
Canon Powershot S5 IS
Canon Powershot SX 110 IS 

Instant Image Adjustments

After the page is scanned and rendered on screen, the software can automatically rotate, crop and perform other image adjustments as desired. For example, the dimensions of the scanned image can be set to the physical page size (such as letter or B5) and file size can be altered to the selected DPI, ready for distribution.


Time-lapse Auto Scanning

BookSnap's time-lapse auto-scan mode eliminates the need for manually triggering a scan for each page of a book. Pages can be scanned at pre-defined intervals so that scanning large books is as simple as turning the page.



BookDrive Editor

BookDrive Editor is for when you want to further improve the already great-looking scanned pages. Sometimes It is needed if you're thinking of distributing the images or archiving your book collection at their greatest quality. You will find all you need in the BookDrive Editor that provides robust image processing capabilities wrapped in an intuitive interface. In a nutshell, this program enables hi-speed and hi-quality results.

BookDrive Editor performs various enhancements to all the images quickly.
 Scanned sample

Keyfeatures of BookDrive Editor:
Rotates images to the correct orientation.
Compensates for image skew during scanning, resulting in straight images.
  Auto Level
Automatically adjusts the histogram of the images to make their color look smoother.
Crops unwanted area of the images out.
  Brightness and Contrast
Allows the adjustment of brightness and the contrast of the images.
Sharpening makes images look sharper. It brings out details that were not there before.
  Black border removal
Eliminates the black edges typically generated by scanners with black backgrounds. It also reduces the file size while improving legibility.
Helps eliminate noise such as speckles and streaks that are either present on the original document or generated during the scan.
  Background removal
Removes the unwanted, dirty or dusty background from the document and leave only clean and clear background.
Images can be resized to any standard or custom size.

File storage and retrieval
Supports various format such as TIFF, multi-page TIFF, PDF, multi-page PDF and JPEG

TIFF compressions: CCITT_G3, CCITT_G4, LZW
JPEG compressions: JPEG Quality, LZW