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Tech Specs

Some of what you can do once you have BookSnap
Scanning stacks of books quickly.

BookSnap digitizes books quickly and accurately using two overhead cameras, mounted either side of the v-shaped book cradle, potentially saving hours in book handling time.
Make an eBook.

BookSnap can output PDF files, a standard format widely supported across the globe, so you can enjoy your favorite books on any device installed with a PDF reader, such as a notebook, PDA, or eBook reader.
Great for OCR.

BookSnap generates sharp, flat-looking page images superior to the distorted (and sometimes unusable) curved page images generated by conventional scanners (flatbed and overhead types) and thus the efficiency or accuracy of OCR text conversion is greatly increased. See comparison of OCR accuracy using images from BookSnap vs. Flatbeds

Create a digital library.

BookSnap can be used by educational institutions, companies and individuals around the world to amass content for building digital libraries.


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